Pardon My Random - Me, Myself, and Others

Pardon My Random - Me, Myself, and Others

  1. The day before, yesterday, and tomorrows.

    Okay, so the day before yesterday I spent the day with my cousins.
    It was really fun, but old ladies working at movie theater ticket booths just need to calm the hell down. It was like freaking mission impossible trying to not get caught by our aunt and uncle who don’t approve of rated r films. Anyways it was probably one of the last few hangout I would have with my cousin before college starts and it sucks to not get to be with them. I’m glad that I got to spend some time with them.

    Yesterday I saw two of my friends. One of them I seriously haven’t  seen since my birthday or like mid-June. I told her how I’m freaking out that I’m leaving my best friends. Granted one of my best friends and my favorite cousin will be in Hawaii with me… I just don’t like that I’m leaving my friends or that we’re going separate ways. I mean seriously I’m not going to see one of my friends until next summer, which freaking sucks. I know that we’re all growing up and stuff, but these are the people who are my sisters. I don’t think I’ll ever find people like them. They’ll forever be considered sisters to me. 

    So I hope, that when we all start college, we don’t forget each other. I hope we all stay in contact and try as much as possible to spend time with each other winter break or summer next year. If distance we really make us forget each other, then we can’t really say that we were all really close. Don’t forget guys girls we still have that 10 year plan we made during the senior retreat ;P

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